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Old School New School

Feb 16, 2018

Those who forget the past... missed out on a great thing... Noah and Rick discuss the news that there is more to be learned from the NCAA college basketball scandal, the new look Cavs, Robert Parish forgetting a legend, Goose Gossage being the ultimate old school plus more insights from Rick's new book!

Feb 2, 2018

Rick and Noah manage to discuss the Superbowl for five full minutes without mentioning a single player or mentioning picks, Rick has a cold take that is so cold it's actually hot, next the guys discuss the recent NBA trade involving Blake Griffin, and if the Knicks should push for the playoffs or try to get a draft...

Jan 26, 2018

Rick and Noah are back at it and Noah has misplaced the theme song. Rick and Noah start the show with a ten minute discussion of the most recent MLB Hall of Fame class. Who was deserving, who wasn't and how to handle the juicers. Rick reveals which big leaguers he's known since they were teenagers.  Next they shift to...

Jan 17, 2018

Rick and Noah discuss the ending of the recent NFL playoff games, whether or not Jacksonville has a chance against New England, why they don't like Tom Brady, the latest NBA street fight, how Rick would cure Markele Fultz's case of the shanks, and how wrong Rick was about Marvin Bagley

Jan 12, 2018

Rick and Noah are back from a Christmas break and they are talking Jon Gruden's new contract, NFL playoffs, college football championship game, NBA refs and Noah's men's league antics, CAN I GET A HELL YES, and are mom (Tom Brady) and dad (Bill Belichick) breaking up???? AND Rick tells a story about hockey in the 50's....